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Cougar XL Directory

Below is the directory of Cougar XL certificated staff and college tutors. If you have any questions about Cougar XL, please call or email Laura Herald.  You may contact the tutors by email. Please allow two business days for a reply. Thank you!

Laura Herald (Todd) Student Support Coordinator N/A 619-660-3633 
Annabell Grzeskowiak Student Support Tutor Math/Sci N/A 
Bethany Jacob Student Support Tutor Math/Sci N/A 
Danielle (Dani) Schneider Student Support Tutor Math/Sci N/A 
Eduardo Garcia Student Support Tutor Math/Sci N/A 
Lance Attiq Student Support Tutor Math/Sci N/A 
Rachael Lindebrekke Student Support Tutor Math/Sci N/A 
Selina Pauls Student Support Tutor Math/Sci N/A 
Alexis Napier Student Support Tutor ELA N/A 
Amanda Morrison Student Support Tutor ELA N/A 
Cheyanne Preciado Student Support Tutor ELA N/A 
Jessica Buki Student Support Tutor ELA N/A 
Kyla Garcia Student Support Tutor ELA N/A 
Marissa Morrison Student Support Tutor ELA N/A 
Victoria Bott Student Support Tutor ELA N/A 

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