Graduating Class of 2018

Making good choices will open doors to your future!

Meet Your Team for 2018

 Your Team for 2018
The counseling staff has put together this informative website for students who will graduate from Steele Canyon High School in June of 2018. The purpose of this site is to provide students and parents with updated information on activities, events and announcements specifically for students and their parents/guardians. 

If you are having difficulties, we will take the time to help you work through your problems to discover solutions and to make positive choices for your future. You make choices throughout your day that will determine how well you will do in your classes, and how well you do in life after high school.
Many of t
hese choices include:
  • Regular class attendance
  • Being on time for class
  • Participating in class
  • Talking with your teachers and counselors
  • Completing your homework
  • Attending tutorials
  • Forming study groups
  • Studying for tests
  • Organizing your backpack
  • Using a calendar for time management