Welcome to SCHS Counseling & Career Services!

Hours of Operation: 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (Monday-Friday)


Counselors and Academic Advisors are available to see students on a walk-in basis during nutrition break, lunch, before or after school.


If a student or parent would like to make an appointment with their grade level Counselor/Academic Advisor, they may do so via email, phone or by contacting the grade level secretary.  You may also email your Counselor/Academic Advisor for general questions. This may result in a quicker resolution and response. If you have a question about your student's current grade or content in a course, contact the teacher directly using the Staff Directory.

Activities to meet student academic, career, and post secondary goals including:

  • Student Support Teams (SST)
  • Course selection assemblies and classroom visitations
  • Administration of the PSAT in October
  • College catalog library and Senior Information/Scholarship Center
Social/Emotional support including:
  • Appropriate agency referrals and community resource information
  • Peer Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Referrals for testing and/or academic accommodations

During conferencing with parents and/or students, Counselors and Academic Advisors will review and discuss the following:

  • Develop or update the student's 4-year academic plan
  • Confirm course selection for following year
  • Review transcripts/high school graduation requirements
  • Discuss college entrance requirements including exams, costs, financial aid information and scholarships
  • Provide a list of extracurricular activities
  • Discuss the student's career plan
  • Provide information about military academies, ROTC, ASVAB
Steele Canyon utilizes Naviance/Family Connection for all online counseling resources. Family Connection allows students to:
  • Plan a 4 year course schedule based on college goals
  • Assess and research career interests (which is required to graduate) & watch Roadtrip Nation interviews
  • Research colleges, sign up to attend college visits, view data on SCHS alumni college admissions acceptance history
  • Research and apply for scholarships
  • Send application materials to colleges/universities, and request transcripts and recommendation letters
  • Store course reflections and monitor task completion for graduation and college 

Parents can register to access Family Connection by clicking on "I need to register" and entering their registration code. Parents may contact their Grade Level counseling team for their Family Connection reg code. Students will register by using their student ID number. Community members may login as a Guest to view basic information on Family Connection. Please click below to register to enter Family Connection:

Access the Family Connection web site!!