Steele Canyon I- Academy a personalized learning program. I-Academy is a tuition free online public education option for Steele Canyon families. Our I-Academy students are Steele Canyon students and offer the benefits of the High School environment yet the flexibility of not having to attend classes on campus everyday.

For many students the traditional classroom based model does not fit their lifestyle or many times a medical conditions inhibit their access and availability to attend school on a daily basis. The goal of this program is to provide students with an alternative setting in lieu of the classroom based environment to personalize their learning needs.

The online platform that we use is called Fuel Education.

Fuel offers: a variety of courses including

  • All core academic classes that are approved A-G Courses
  • Credit Recovery classes
  • Advanced Placement
  • Honors classes
  • Communication with Teachers 
  • Tutors available through FUEL

Steele Canyon also has a system of support all of our I-Academy students.  We have one mentor teacher that is managing the program for all I-Academy students. The mentor teachers meets with students weekly to track their progress and is available M-F from 7:30am-2:40pm for drop in appointments or providing structured time to work and tutoring.

I-Academy fulfills all Steele Canyon Graduation requirements and students can participate in any of our Sports teams, extracurricular activities, clubs, and some electives on campus.

Support and Resources:

Steele Canyon I-Academy offers many support resources to aid in the success of each student. In the I-Academy program the teachers are directly online through the FUEL program students are also provided with a California accredited teacher who meets with them once every week at Steele Canyon HighSchool. This teacher is called our mentor teacher.  Students will meet with the mentor teacher once every week for a 15-30 minute appointment. Together they review assignments, discuss problems or areas of concern, and then plan for work to be done for the next week. While students only meet in person with their mentor teacher once a week, the mentor teacher is available Monday -Friday from 7:30am-2:40pm. Students are also welcome to come anytime Monday-Friday just to work on their assignments in a flexible environment with our mentor teacher. Our mentor teacher is available regularly to physically and remotely support both students.

Please view these links to learn more about FUEL education:

Student Overview
Parent Overview


If you have any questions regarding the I-Academy program at Steele Canyon, please e-mail:

★ Admissions: enrollment@schscougars.org

★ Hee-Jin Peterson- Independent Study Coordinator:  hpeterson@schscougars.org - (619)-660-3521

★ Grade Level Counselors: Marlin Quintanilla 9th- mquintanilla@schscougars.org, Judith Kuykendall 10th jkuykendall@schscougars.org, Shannon Roberts 11th - sroberts@schscougars.org, Matt Udvarhelyi12th- mudvarhelyi@schscougars.org

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