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2017 Yearbook Purchase List

posted by Charlotte Matthews   [ updated ]

Below is the list of students who have purchased a yearbook.  Any questions, see Mrs. Uto in the finance office.

Student Directed Theatre Showcase: 6/1 at 7pm

posted by Charlotte Matthews   [ updated ]

The Steele Canyon Players invite you to get a glimpse inside the rehearsal process. Come see them perform their student directed work in the "For the Love of Theatre" Showcase on Thursday, June 1st @ 7:00pm. Tickets are available online and at the door a half an hour before curtain.

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets!

LCAP 2017-18 Public Comment Period

posted May 18, 2017, 7:30 AM by Charlotte Matthews   [ updated May 18, 2017, 7:33 AM ]

The public comment period has opened for the first draft of next year’s Local Control and Accountability Plan. The attached plan lists Steele Canyon’s goals and the actions/services to achieve them as well as the funding tied to them. Please send any questions, comments or concerns to by June 1st.


¡ Aladín y la lámpara Mágica !

posted May 17, 2017, 10:13 AM by Charlotte Matthews   [ updated May 24, 2017, 11:35 AM ]

Spanish 3 classes invite you to experience a comical and musical performance...
en español on Friday, JUNE 2nd. Please join us for shows during blocks 1, 2 and 3. Bring your camera and cheer for our hero--Aladín!


posted May 1, 2017, 11:42 AM by Charlotte Matthews   [ updated May 1, 2017, 11:43 AM ]

We have an amazing opportunity for the 2017-2018 school year for all of our students. Steele Canyon will be offering TUITION-FREE COLLEGE CLASSES again in the of Fall 2017 on Steele Canyon’s campus. We have partnered with Cuyamaca College in an effort to add to our already amazing courses and opportunities at Steele Canyon High School. Students taking these courses will receive credit at Steele Canyon towards graduation as well as Cuyamaca College and the majority of these classes are also UC/CSU transferable.
If you are interested in any of these classes please click the link below and fill out the form. Once complete, you will be contacted with registration information.
*Please note if you are an incoming 9th grader applying for one or more of these courses you will need to provide a report card from 8th grade in order to take any of these courses. 
*Tutoring services through Cuyamaca are offered daily to assist any students that need support with these classes. 
* The days and times are tentative for these classes and subject to change. If the day and time does not work for you please indicate on the google forms.see 
The classes and descriptions are below:
9th,10th &11th Grade:
This class is currently offered on Wednesday morning 7:45-8:45am
.5 UNIT and 1 UNIT
An introductory course designed to assist students with a successful transition to college.  An overview of student responsibilities, college expectations, and success strategies will be discussed.  Students will learn about the college, its facilities, services, academic regulations, and degree and transfer programs.  Students will receive guidance in education planning.  
Utilization of a group seminar structure to explore and research various career and major options.  Lecture, group discussion, experiential activities, and vocational assessment tools will be utilized to assist students in identifying their individual interests, values, and personality styles.  Students will conduct educational and career research to relate their vocational assessment results to setting academic and career goals.CSU
12th Grade Only
This class is currently offered after school Tu/Thu- 2:50pm-4:15pm
This course teaches success strategies to enhance academic and lifelong learning.  Explore personality, interests and values to increase self-understanding and select an appropriate major and career.  Learn about careers of the future.  Identify your learning style and apply psychological principles of learning and memory to academic study strategies.  Apply life management techniques such as time and money management to accomplish personal goals.  Examine adult stages of development and develop a plan for wellness and living a long and healthy life.  Learn strategies for motivation and stress management.  Practice creative and critical thinking techniques.
9th-12th Grade Options
This class is currently offered during school Blk 1 Tu/Thu 7:30am-9:00am
C-ID KIN 100
Introduction to the interdisciplinary approach to the study of human movement.  An overview of the concepts within and importance of the sub-disciplines in kinesiology will be discussed, along with career opportunities in the areas of teaching, coaching, allied health, dietetic, and fitness professions.
BUSINESS 9th-12th Grade
This class will be offered Blk 1 Mon/Wed 7:30-9:00am
Provides a comprehensive view of today’s dynamic American business and the global economy.  Topics include:  starting a small business, satisfying customers, managing operations, motivating employees and building self-managed teams, developing and implementing customer-oriented marketing plans, managing information, managing financial resources, and exploring ethical and social responsibilities or American business.
Introduction to Automotive Technology 9th-12th Grade 
Auto 099 - This class will be offered Tues/Thurs 2:50-4:10pm
3hour lecture 3 units
 This course is designed to present basic information about automotive systems. It will be taught with the consumer in mind, but will also serve as an introductory course for those interested in the Automotive Technology major. PURPOSE: This course will provide the student with an overview of the physical, electrical and mechanical functions of the automobile. The theory of operation of many of the basic components of automobiles will be emphasized. This course attempts to recognize the entry-level of the student population ranges from no theoretical or practical automotive mechanical experience to extensive practical and some theoretical experience.  This course does not provide “hands-on” automotive experience. The basic “hands-on” course is the accompanying and recommended lab: Auto100. Both the Auto 099 and Auto 100 courses are highly recommended for those students who wish to maximize their understanding of basic automotive systems.
ASL This class will be offered Mon/Wed 1:10-2:45
1- 4 UNITS
Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture. The course is designed to give students with little to no experience in or exposure to ASL an emerging conversational and cultural foundation. Students will develop skills in telling about and comprehending common everyday activities and asking questions. Students will learn how to use nonmanual signs, facial expressions and other culturally appropriate uses of the face and body to interact with, show comprehension, get attention, and form appropriate cultural connections with Deaf people.
 AA/AS GE applicable and CSU/UC transferable.
CADD TECHNOLOGY 9th-12th Grade 
3 UNITS This class will be offered Mon/Wed 2:45-4:45pm
Introduction to engineering drafting.  Covers the fundamentals of drafting using both mechanical instruments and the computer as drafting tools.  Students will learn the fundamentals of engineering graphics as a universal language of communication in all engineering fields.  Includes organization and drawing layouts, text, dimensions, scales, Multiview projections, and pictorial drawings to visualize, represent and document basic engineering problems
CSU, UC, UC credit limit


posted Mar 19, 2017, 7:36 PM by Charlotte Matthews   [ updated May 15, 2017, 2:29 PM ]

  • Attention Returning Students:  The 2017-2018 Sports Clearance application is now available.  CLICK HERE, then click on Athletic Clearance Site. Please check all sports you plan to participate in next school year.  Schedule your physical for after June 1st (this keeps you eligible for the entire school year) .  Remember to print out the "physical" form and take it to your appointment.  Physicals must be signed by a licensed MD.  Signatures from Nurse Practitioners are not accepted.

  • The Finance Office will start clearing for 2017-2018 sports from June 5th-June 7th. The website will be available the entire summer to complete the online application.

  • We will have $20.00  physicals on campus the following dates:

    • Monday, June 5 at 6 p.m-returning students

    • Wednesday, June 7 at 6 p.m.-returning students

    • Saturday Aug 5 at 11 a.m.- returning students and Incoming Freshmen

    • Monday Aug 7 at 6 p.m. Incoming Freshmen

Here are the dates for clearance:
  • Monday, Aug 1-Football from 8-11 a.m. then again 12-3 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Aug 2-Girl's Volleyball and Cross Country from 8-11 a.m. then again 12-3 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Aug 3-Girl's Tennis, Boy's Water Polo and Girls Golf same hours as above.
  • Thursday Aug 4 thru Tuesday, Aug 8 is "Catch Up Day" for anyone that missed Aug 1-3.
  • The Finance Office will go to lunch from 11-noon each day and not be available to clear during that time.

SENIOR INFO: 5/22-5/27

posted Jan 24, 2017, 12:01 PM by SCHS Webmaster   [ updated May 18, 2017, 12:09 PM by Charlotte Matthews ]

Monday, May 22:
Last day to purchase a yearbook for $90.00
Dodgeball tickets go on sale for $5
Deadline to turn in Guest Passes for the Prom

Tuesday, May 23:
Last day to purchase a prom ticket

Wednesday, May 24:
Cap and Gown distribution 8-9 a.m. and 10-11 a.m. in the quad (in front of the Finance Office). Please note that if you have any fines, your cap and gown will be held.
Last day the Student Store is open
Last day any "Cougar Gear" can be purchased
Dodgeball 5 p.m.

Thursday, May 25:
Cheer try outs 3:30 in the Mezzanine

Friday, May 26:

Saturday, May 27:
Prom at Mc Millin Event Center 7-11 p.m.

Below are important dates and Grad Night info. 

31st      Sr. Awards


1st Yearbook Distribution Night
4th Baccalaureate
8th Sr. Breakfast
8th Graduation
9th Grad Night: Tickets for Disneyland leaving SCHS at 1pm and returning 6/10 by 5am. See guidelines attached below. 


posted Oct 21, 2016, 4:18 PM by Charlotte Matthews   [ updated Mar 8, 2017, 11:02 AM ]

After a lot of discussion that included our staff, campus supervisors, administration and local law enforcement, we have decided to restrict student access to the parking lot during the school day.  This will be a major change for students but one that we feel will greatly increase the safety and security of our campus.

Students will not be allowed in the parking lot with the exception to the beginning and ending of their school day.  At the end of each block, the a parking lot gate of the student parking lots will be open for 15 minutes to allow students to leave as long as they have completed their school day.  The gates gate will be open for an additional 10 minutes at the end of lunch for students whose school day has ended but chose to stay on campus for lunch.  

The parking lot gates will be reopened for student athletes returning to campus at 2:20 PM

Students who need to retrieve an item from their car for educational purposes will require a pass from their teacher and will have to wait until class begins.  No parking lot passes will be honored during breaks/lunch.

The times that students will be allowed to leave campus is as follows:

After First Block 9:00-9:15

After 2nd Block 10:50-11:05

After 3rd Block 12:30-12:45

After Lunch 1:10-1:20

After 4th Block 2:40

The parking lot gates will be opened for individual students who display an off campus pass issued by the attendance office.

If a student without a 4th block class is on campus for educational purposes, he or she can report to the office with a note from the teacher.  The office staff will then make arrangements to open the lot for them to leave.

Students should not come to the Assistant Principals’ Office during class time to obtain a “no 4th Block” sticker or similar purposes.  Students are welcome to come to the Office before school, during breaks, at lunch or after school.  Friendly reminder---all students must have a hall pass to be out of class during class time.

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