posted Oct 21, 2016, 4:18 PM by Charlotte Matthews   [ updated Mar 8, 2017, 11:02 AM ]
After a lot of discussion that included our staff, campus supervisors, administration and local law enforcement, we have decided to restrict student access to the parking lot during the school day.  This will be a major change for students but one that we feel will greatly increase the safety and security of our campus.

Students will not be allowed in the parking lot with the exception to the beginning and ending of their school day.  At the end of each block, the a parking lot gate of the student parking lots will be open for 15 minutes to allow students to leave as long as they have completed their school day.  The gates gate will be open for an additional 10 minutes at the end of lunch for students whose school day has ended but chose to stay on campus for lunch.  

The parking lot gates will be reopened for student athletes returning to campus at 2:20 PM

Students who need to retrieve an item from their car for educational purposes will require a pass from their teacher and will have to wait until class begins.  No parking lot passes will be honored during breaks/lunch.

The times that students will be allowed to leave campus is as follows:

After First Block 9:00-9:15

After 2nd Block 10:50-11:05

After 3rd Block 12:30-12:45

After Lunch 1:10-1:20

After 4th Block 2:40

The parking lot gates will be opened for individual students who display an off campus pass issued by the attendance office.

If a student without a 4th block class is on campus for educational purposes, he or she can report to the office with a note from the teacher.  The office staff will then make arrangements to open the lot for them to leave.

Students should not come to the Assistant Principals’ Office during class time to obtain a “no 4th Block” sticker or similar purposes.  Students are welcome to come to the Office before school, during breaks, at lunch or after school.  Friendly reminder---all students must have a hall pass to be out of class during class time.