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Sports Clearance Info

Link to the Sports Clearance Form

Steele Canyon High School Sports Clearance Procedure

  1. Print the physical form and take it to your primary care physician or bring it to Steele Canyon on one of the days our team doctor is on campus:

Monday, November 2nd (in the ENS Office) 6:00 p.m.

Physicals are valid for one year.

Cost to have your physical at Steele Canyon=$20.00.

Another option for physicals: Urgent Care 6136 Lake Murray Blvd in La Mesa 619-303-5500 $25

  1. Completing the online form:

  1. This process will need to be done each season your student participates in sports.

  2. Every student must have insurance to participate.

  1. If you have personal insurance: Complete the insurance section with the carrier name (example-Kaiser) and the policy number (example 77755522).

  2. If you don’t have insurance for your student please go to: and purchase sports insurance.  

  3. After purchasing insurance: print the confirmation page and bring it with your physical to the Finance Office.

  1. Click on the submit button.

  2. This will generate a confirmation email

  1. Go to your email account and print the confirmation email and sign it.

  2. Have your student bring the physical to SCHS when we have physicals on campus in November, or turn in to the Finance Office on specified “Sports Clearance” days.

  3. Confirmation emails are given to the coach on the first day of practice/try outs.   We have no way of recreating the emails-keep them somewhere safe!

***Note*** the online application must be completed prior to bringing the physical to the Finance Office.  If you’re not in the system, the physical will not be accepted.