Counseling Services

The Counseling department is available to answer questions and provide assistance to students who are attending school on-campus by appointment only through the links provided below. For on-campus students, appointments should not be made during class time, but instead before school, after school, or during breaks. No walk-in traffic will be allowed.  If you are a student who is Distance Learning from home, you may use the links below to make a Zoom appointment. If a parent would like to make an appointment, the appointment will be through Zoom, not in-person.  


9th Grade
Shannon Roberts, Counselor 

Raquel Krantz, Academic Advisor

10th Grade
Jessica Blair, Counselor
Millie Jaggard, Academic Advisor  (Hablo español)

11th Grade

Marlin Quintanilla, Counselor  (Hablo español)
Rose Cook, Academic Advisor

12th Grade
Judith Kuykendall, Counselor
Adriana Chittuluru, Academic Advisor  (Hablo español)