Steele Canyon Distance Learning Model   (Version en Español)


Steele Canyon High School has closed campus as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  While the school is physically closed, the school year is not over. We are prepared to deliver our educational program using a distance learning model through the end of the school year.  Our distance learning plan will commence Monday, April 13 and continue until it is safe to return to school.


To meet the needs of all students, including students with disabilities and English Learners, we will continue our work to identify limiting factors in students accessing our distance learning plan.  We have made efforts to contact each student using Google Classroom, email, telephone, and US mail. If your student is experiencing challenges accessing digital curriculum, or you anticipate future challenges, we need to know immediately so we can work on solutions.  Please use any of the contacts below to communicate these challenges to us.


Distance Learning Timeline

April 13 - June 3 (Unless it is determined that we can return to school earlier)


Access to Technology

Our technology team is prepared to check out Chromebooks to any student who needs one.  If your student needs a device, please have them call our technology department at (619) 660-3570 or email to set up an appointment to come to campus.


Wireless Internet

There are many options that now exist for families to receive free and reduced-priced wireless internet.  If these options do not work, please contact your grade level secretary. 



Asynchronous Model with synchronous support  (Definition)


Asynchronous Delivery - Weekly work will be assigned with recommended pacing for students to work on at their convenience throughout the week. This will be accessed through their teacher’s Google Classrooms.

  • Weekly instruction, assignments and activities will be posted on Monday mornings by 8:00 AM

  • Weekly assignments and activities will be due on Sunday night by 11:59 PM

  • Paper versions of assignments will be provided as needed. 


Synchronous Support - Opportunities for students  to engage with their teacher, support staff, and peers in a virtual conference via Google Meet or Zoom.

  •  Each department will be provided a time and day to schedule a synchronous support opportunity

    • Synchronous support opportunities will last 45-60 minutes.

    • Students are expected to be “present” during the Synchronous Support times for each class

  • The continuum of our Academic Supports are still available to all students, including students with disabilities and English Learners

    • Students with Disabilities will receive support from our Special Education staff

    • English Learners will receive support from our English Language Development staff

    • General Education Supports available for all students through Cougar XL

    • College & Career Guidance from our counseling department

    • Social-Emotional support from our social worker

Live Video Conferencing 

  • Students will have multiple opportunities every week to connect with their teachers, academic supports, and peers through live video conferencing. (Zoom, Google Hangout)

  • Appropriate school behavior is to be adhered to by all involved

      • Appropriate attire needs to be worn

      • Appropriate language

      • Appropriate background



  • Syllabi and scope and sequence can be accessed by parents and students on the Distance Learning Curriculum Portal which will be posted on our website prior to April 13th.

  • Assignments and important information will be posted in Google Classroom. Students are expected to be accessing their Google Classrooms throughout the week. Parents may access this information using their student’s Google login.


Parent Support

As our partners in education we need you now more than ever.  The best thing you can do is stay engaged with us in your child's education.  This is new for all of us and there are sure to be some challenges along the way.  Effectively communicating with the school is the best way for you to stay engaged and informed.


Thank you for your support


Scott Parr


Steele Canyon High School, A California Charter School 

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10th & 12th: 619-660-3532
Call one hour in advance for an 

off-campus pass: (619) 660-3533

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It is the policy of the State of California to afford all persons in public schools, regardless of their disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic that is contained in the definition of hate crimes set forth in Section 422.55 of the Penal Code, including immigration status, equal rights, and opportunities in the educational institutions of the state. The purpose of this chapter is to prohibit acts that are contrary to that policy and to provide remedies therefor. 


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