Lottery Information

The SCHS Student Lottery will be held Friday, February 19, 2021.

To ensure privacy, the results will NOT be posted on our website.

Email notifications regarding enrollment status will be sent to all families. Please direct any and all questions to our registration hotline at (619) 660-3514 or


9th grade - Monserrat Genis

10th grade - Bettina Papciak

11th grade - Trini McCorkle

12th grade - Krissy Toon


SCHS is only able to accept a certain number of new students to each grade level every year. Applicants are grouped into five categories and each category is evaluated in order before the next category is evaluated. (see categories of applicants below)

  • If there are enough spaces available to accept all applicants within a category, then all applicants in that category are accepted.

  • If there is not enough space, then Randomized Lottery Numbers are assigned to each applicant in the category, these numbers are then sorted in ascending order, and the applicants with the lowest Randomized Lottery Numbers are accepted until there are no spaces available. (see more information below) 

  • The remaining applicants in that category are assigned waitlist numbers in the order of their Randomized Lottery Number.

  • Each remaining category applicant is assigned Randomized Lottery Numbers, sorted in ascending order, and then assigned waitlist numbers.

  • As spaces become available in the future these spaces are made available to applicants in order on the waitlist.

Categories of Applicants

  1. Applicants that have a sibling who is a current student.

  2. Applicants that live within the SCHS Boundary.

  3. Applicants that are the son or daughter of an SCHS staff member.

  4. Applicants that live within the GUHSD Boundary.

  5. Applicants that live outside of SCHS and GUHSD Boundaries.


Definition and Process for Assigning Randomized Lottery Numbers

The definition of a Randomized Lottery Number is a number assigned to an applicant through the use of an Excel formula that chooses a number at random between 1 and 999,999,999,999. The process for assigning the lottery number is to first create a column for the formula in excel and paste the formula into the row representing each application. The formula is: =RANDBETWEEN(1,999999999999). This results in a column full of random numbers, but this is not yet the Randomized Lottery Number as this number will be automatically re-randomized every time the screen is refreshed. The final step in generating the Randomized Lottery Number is to copy the entire column to a new column in Excel as static values only, this results in one last randomization which is permanent and this permanent number now represents the Randomized Lottery Number.


In the extremely unlikely event of a tie between two Randomized Lottery Numbers, the randomization process would be repeated only for those applicants which are tied. This secondary process would generate a new number known as the Tie-Breaking Randomized Lottery Number. This Tie-Breaking Randomized Lottery Number would be used to place the previously tied applicants in the order in their previous place on the list of applicants being sorted inside their category by Randomized Lottery Numbers. While statistically impossible, if the applicant’s new Tie-Breaking Randomized Lottery Numbers were tied, the tie-breaking process would be repeated until the tie was broken.