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Advanced Placement, AP®
AP, or Advanced Placement, courses are rigorous, college-level courses taught at the high school level. Students are taught a rigorous curriculum with depth and breadth that follows the College Board required elements for each course. The purpose of the AP program is to enable students to be competitive with other students throughout the nation on challenging AP exams, which all AP students take in May. All AP classes provide a weighted grade based in a 5.0 A. Parents and student should review the College Board website for more details about AP.

AP Info Night Presentation
AP Program information is presented on AP Info Night to prospective and current AP students and parents. View the video at right to watch the presentation. Topics covered included information about the AP program at Steele Canyon, including the benefits of AP, what it takes to be a successful AP student, what courses are offered at Steele Canyon and what the expectations for each class are. We also discussed AP exams, grades on exams, costs, and how AP classes can save parents money on college tuition.

AP Test Dates & Fees

The fee for each test is $101. Students with Free/Reduced Lunch status will only pay $5 for each exam. Exam Test dates can be found on the CollegeBoard web site at

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AP Course Syllabi

Freshman Year - (Syllabi)

  • Computer Science - Joe Gelaro

Sophomore Year - (Syllabi)

  • World History - Jim Rhoades & Sydney Wolfe. (Summer assignment)

  • Computer Science - Joe Gelaro

Junior Year - (Syllabi)

  • Biology – Lauren Emery

  • Calculus AB/BC – Chelsea Yoshinaga 

  • Environmental Science - Andrea Michlovitch-Clark  AP Environmental Science Website

  • U.S. History – Ron Richards

  • English Language & Composition – Jessica Bianco

  • Psychology - Derek Stephens

  • Spanish Language– Luis Cely 

  • Computer Science - Joe Gelaro

Senior Year - (Syllabi)

  • English Literature – Jennifer Koller

  • Microeconomics – Anthony Casto 

  • U.S. Government & Politics – Charles Tyler

  • Calculus AB/BC – Chelsea Yoshinaga

  • Psychology - Derek Stephens

  • Spanish Language – Luis Cely 

  • Computer Science - Joe Gelaro

  • Statistics - Tatjiana Thorson 

2023 AP Test Results

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