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Cougar Claw

The “Cougar Claw” is the highest award that Steele Canyon High School bestows upon a student.  This award is made to senior students who have exhibited overall outstanding qualities of:

  1. Attitude

  2. Leadership

  3. Service

  4. Citizenship


This is not a single focus award but rather a school wide award. Up to nine students are selected from the nominations to receive the Principal’s Commendation letter given at the Senior Awards ceremony.  From this list of students, “Cougar Claw” recipients are selected (typically 2-3).  The names of the recipients are kept secret until the graduation ceremony and presented by the principal.


Every certificated and classified staff member (with the exception that a SCHS employee/parent may not nominate their own child) may nominate one or more seniors for consideration, whether you have them in class or not.  The committee to pick the final recipients will be made up of interested staff members who attend the final selection meeting in the Principal’s Conference Room (with the exception that a SCHS employee/parent may not participate on the selection committee if their own child has been nominated).  Teachers making nominations are encouraged to attend. 

Cougar Star Award

Cougar Stars are nominated by Steele Canyon staff for such things as:

  • hard work and effort put forth in the pursuit of good grades

  • service or kindness to others

  • leadership on campus

  • displays of honor while facing difficult choices/circumstances 

We want to reward those students who exemplify our motto, "Take Care of Yourself, Take of Each Other, Take Care of This Place."   Recipients get invited to a pizza lunch and get presented with a certificate and cougar star.

Paw-sitive Cougar Award

The “Paw”-sitive Cougar award is an opportunity for any adult in the community to recognize a student or staff member for being an excellent citizen and living up to our values of taking care of yourself, taking care of each other, and taking care of this place.  Parents and staff can nominate someone.  Click HERE for previous winners!

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