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Off-campus passes: Please contact the Off-Campus Pass line via phone or email at least one hour ahead of the student’s departure time so the pass can be created and delivered on time.​

Phone: 619-660-3533

Email: All Grades, Melanie Navarrete-Yepez and Donna Walz,


Please put off campus pass in the subject line of your email


Absences:  If your student was, or will be, absent for one or more blocks, please contact our Attendance Office.  Parents/Guardians have three days to clear an absence before it becomes a truancy.


Attendance Office Phone:   619-660-3504

Attendance Office Email:

Please include:

Subject Line: 

  • Grade Level xx (example: Grade Level 9)


  1. Student First and Last Name

  2. Student ID

  3. Grade Level

  4. Reason for being absent

  5. Date of absence


Tardies:  Students are expected to be on time to all classes throughout the day to allow for maximum instructional time.


1-6 Tardies       Teacher intervention; Aeries call/texts/email parents with every tardy

7 Tardies           Conversation with Academic Advisor, document in Aeries and contact parent

12 Tardies         Referral to Assistant Principal, including parent contact

17+ Tardies      Attendance Contract and Loss of privileges, which may include participation in driving on campus, dances, attending/participating in extracurricular activities &/or field trips


Tardy to class, 1-10 minutes?  Head directly to class! If you are arriving at school late after an appointment, please stop by the Attendance Office!  

Tardy to class, 11+ minutes? Go to the Attendance Office for a pass to class!



Attendance Clerks


10th/12th Grade Attendance Clerk: Melanie Navarrete-Yepez

9th/11th Grade Attendance Clerk: Donna Walz

***Documentation may be required to excuse absences and tardies***


Steele Canyon High School recognizes the relationship between positive student attendance and academic success. Steele Canyon expects students to attend regularly and punctually and encourages parents to actively support this behavior. Truancy and tardiness to school/class may result in a loss of opportunity for maximum time on task, a decreased level of learning, a disruption to others' learning processes and loss of privileges.

You can access more information regarding Attendance in our Student Handbook here.

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