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iAcademy Independent Study

Steele Canyon’s iAcademy is an online personalized independent learning program in East County, San Diego, for students and families who want more flexibility, customization, and self-directed education. iAcademy is a tuition free online public education option for Steele Canyon students, who receive the benefits of the High School environment with the flexibility of not having to attend classes on campus everyday.


iAcademy builds competence, critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills. iAcademy supports Steele Canyon's overall vision that all students will be challenged and mentored to discover their passions in order to achieve their academic and personal goals for a complex, changing, world.

Ideal Learning Environment

Many students actually find that they prefer the online learning environment to that of a traditional high school. While certain students may thrive under the social, communal environment of the traditional school setting, other students may find themselves distracted by their classmates. Furthermore, some students with social anxieties or a specific career goals may find iAcademy to be a more comfortable, nurturing learning environment. For many students, iAcademy is the perfect option to meet their unique family needs.


Flexibility of Schedule

One of the greatest problems with traditional high school is that it requires students and families into a work schedule that may not work best for them. While some students may be fine waking up early and being done by mid-afternoon, others may not be able to focus when the bells ring. Steele Canyon High’s iAcademy students can create a schedule that will allow them to study at times that are the most natural to them, with a schedule that better fits their enrichment activities and/or part-time jobs.


Learn at Their Own Pace

The assumption that all students learn at the same pace is not true and has not been true. Some students may find the pace of the classroom to be either too slow and not challenging enough, while many students may find that this pace is too fast and that they are continually finding themselves left behind. Steele Canyon’s iAcademy allows students to work faster on topics/subjects they are more comfortable with, while allowing them to work through subjects they find more difficult, with the assistance of peer tutors and their on-site “mentor” teacher.


Online Learning Offers a Wide Variety of Courses

The online platform that we use is called Fuel Education.  Click HERE for the course catalog.

Fuel offers: a variety of courses including

  • All core A-G and NCAA approved academic classes

  • Credit Recovery classes

  • Advanced Placement

  • Honors classes

  • Frequent parent communication

  • Immediate data on student progress


System of Support for Success

Steele Canyon has a system of support for all of our iAcademy students and iAcademy students can participate in any of our sports teams, extracurricular activities, clubs, and electives to customize their high school experience.  


Our school counselors work with students to stay on track for graduation, ensuring iAcademy courses fulfill Steele Canyon graduation requirements. Plus, courses are frequently examined by counselors so that students meet college requirements of their choice.


A mentor, on-site credentialed teacher, supports iAcademy students. The mentor teacher meets with students weekly to track their progress and is available M-F from 8:30am-3:35pm.  Students are welcome to come anytime Monday-Friday just to work on their assignments in a flexible environment with our mentor teacher and do not have to show up when the bell rings. Our mentor teacher is available to physically and remotely support students, monitor and review assignments, discuss areas of concern, and provide parents with critical feedback about progress.

Interested in Joining iAcademy

If you would like more information or to be added to the waitlist, please fill out the form HERE.


If you have any questions regarding the iAcademy program at Steele Canyon, please email or call 619-660-3668.

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