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iAcademy Independent Study

iAcademy is an online, personalized, independent learning program in East County, San Diego.  This is a great alternative education option for Steele Canyon students and families who want a more flexible, customized, and self-directed education. iAcademy is a tuition free online public education option for Steele Canyon Charter students, who receive the benefits of the high school environment with the flexibility of not having to attend classes on campus.

A Place of Opportunities

Students typically take all of their classes online.  However, students in iAcademy can take one on campus elective class each term if they choose, while taking the core academic classes online.  They can participate in sports and clubs on campus, and attend all Steele Canyon events. iAcademy students can come on campus every day, or travel the world taking their work with them wherever they go and graduate with a Steele Canyon Diploma!  It really is up to your family and its needs.

A Community for All

We are so proud of our iAcademy students.  We have students who travel the world as rodeo professionals, pro golfers, professional dancers, actors, and so much more!  iAcademy can support students with all different abilities.  Students can be an English Language learner, have a 504, IEP, or on the Honors/AP track and be very successful.  Our iAcademy teachers have built several supports to make sure every student gets their individual needs met.   Furthermore, some students with social anxieties or specific career goals may find iAcademy to be a more comfortable, nurturing learning environment. For many students, iAcademy is the perfect option to meet their unique family needs.


An on-site credentialed mentor teacher meets with students every week (in person or on zoom) to track their progress and is available Monday - Friday from 8:30am-3:35pm.  Students are welcome to come to the classroom anytime to work on their assignments in a flexible environment. Our mentor teacher is available to support students, monitor and review assignments, discuss areas of concern, and provide parents with critical feedback about progress.

A Foundation for the Future

The online platform that we use is called Fuel Education.  There is a wide variety of courses to choose from that can lead to a future career interest.  Click HERE for the course catalog.

Fuel offers a variety of courses including:

  • All core A-G and NCAA approved academic classes

  • Credit Recovery classes

  • Advanced Placement

  • Honors classes

  • Frequent parent communication

  • Immediate data on student progress

What makes a student a good candidate for iAcademy?

Self motivated students that can work independently and follow a schedule are required to be part of iAcademy.  Students are required to complete weekly meetings, make adequate progress in all classes each week, and complete attendance logs monthly.  Please speak with a counselor to see if it is the right fit for your family.

Interested in Joining iAcademy?

The first step of joining iAcademy is to become a Steele Canyon student.  You must be fully registered at the school. Once you are registered you can request more information or join our waitilist  HERE.


If you have any questions regarding the iAcademy program at Steele Canyon, please email or call 619-660-3668.

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