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Welcome to Cougar XL Academic Support! 

Cougar XL provides in-school social emotional and academic support to all students. Students are provided an opportunity to EXCEL with the support of Academic Coaches. As an essential component of the program, Academic Coaches strive to build healthy relationships and to meet students where they are upon entering the program.

Cougar XL Program Overview

Cougar XL serves as social, emotional, and academic support built into your student’s class schedule with the objective of empowering students to take charge of their own success. Students have the opportunity to earn credit (2.5 credits *must pass both core classes to earn credit*) toward graduation. 

Academic Coaches cultivate consistent, caring, and developmentally supportive relationships with students in a safe learning environment void of judgment and bias. Under the guidance of college-educated Academic Coaches who collaborate with staff, students receive tutoring primarily in math, science, and humanities. At the same time, Academic Coaches teach both academic and life success skills, such as but not limited to, social and emotional awareness, organizational efficiency, and study skills.

In addition to supporting students, Cougar XL promotes what it means to be a student at Steele Canyon or a “Cougar For Life”. This includes the expectations we have for students school-wide: Be prepared. Be engaged. Be accountable. Be appropriate.

Employment Opportunity

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of youth? Would you consider yourself a role model for high school students? Do you want a future career in education? If you answered yes to any of these questions, becoming an Academic Coach may be for you!

Cougar XL is looking for Academic Coaches to join our growing team! You can find qualifications, information about the role, and how to apply here.

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