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Steele Canyon Work Permit Procedures and Guidelines

California Child Labor Laws require a working minor, under 18 years of age, to have a valid Work Permit issued.
Please be aware that there is a 48-hour turnaround period for issuing Work Permits.

A. Required documents to be attached to student Work Permit Application B1-1:

  1. Student provides a Picture ID indicating Proof of Age, (Drivers License, Military ID, California ID) or current School ID and copy of Birth Certificate.

  2. School prints proof of Student Enrollment/Attendance and Eligibility GPA

  3. Copy of attendance history which includes student current class schedule and a copy of historical grades report with eligibility GPA.

B. Work Permit issued or denied by Work Permit Coordinator based on:

  1. Student Attendance--Review the last six weeks (thirty school days) of attendance. 
    Student cannot have more than six days cumulative oF
    T – truancy
    P – period truancy
    L – late/tardy
    More than six days – Work Permit may be denied

  2. Student Eligibility GPA –Review the last eligibility GPA for a minimum of 2.0.
    Eligibility GPA lower than 2.0 – Work Permit may be denied

C. If Work Permit is denied:

  1. Administrative AP/or Counselor will meet with student and student, Parent/Guardian notifying them of the Work Permit being denied.

  2. Work Permit Coordinator will call Employer notifying them of the Work Permit being denied.

D. All Work Permits issued will be checked for attendance and eligibility GPA after each grading period.

  1. Work Permit Coordinator will randomly select students and check attendance and eligibility GPA.
    If student has more than six T=Truant, P=Period Truancy, or L=Late with in the last thirty school days of attendance and/or eligibility GPA is lower than 2.0, an email will be sent to AP/or Counselor. AP/or Counselor will meet with student and student Parent/Guardian to notify of Work Permit being revoked in 15 school days if no improvement.

  2. Work Permit Coordinator will call Employer to notify them of the potential revocation of Work Permit.

NOTE: If a student Work Permit is revoked the Work Permit will not be reinstated until the end of the next quarter and after further review of student's’ records showing great improvement.

Click the link below to go to the go to the Work Permit page.

B1-1 (Intent to Employ Form).

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