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E3 Information

This page is dedicated to informing the teachers, staff, and the public of the changes that are taking place with teacher evaluations.  This is an initiative to create and implement a genuine evaluation process at Steele Canyon High School.


What is E3?

The Educator Effectiveness and Evaluation pilot is a state-supported model that guides district and teacher leaders through a two-year process of professional development.  Throughout this process, district teams develop an Integrated Professional Learning System through the following six steps. 

  1. Describe Effective Evaluation Systems

  2. Define Effective Teaching

  3. Calibrate Thinking

  4. Align Professional Learning

  5. Engage Collegial Practices

  6. Plan the System


Features of This Project:

  • Involves all stakeholders throughout entire process

  • Aligned to Greatness by Design recommendations

  • Reflects research-based models for revising teacher evaluation process

  • Builds on professional growth through formative assessment

  • Includes external partnership support: WestEd, CDE, AIR

  • Opportunities related to National Board for Professional Teaching Standards teacher certification 

Who Is Involved?

San Diego County Office of Education is having monthly meetings to guide high school districts through the process.  Each district is able to decide what is best for them, whether it is a district as large as San Diego School District, or as small as our one charter school.  We have several administrators and teachers that attended these meetings and reported the information gained with the staff at the school.  

Comments or Questions?

Click here to ask a question or leave feedback to the E3 team.

What Research and Materials Are There?

The google drive folder here contains articles and information provided by the E3 trainings.  There are two books that are very informative as well.  They are "Everyone at the Table" and "Greatness by Design".  The beginning pages of "Greatness by Design" are in the google folder.  Continuum of Teaching Practice

What Is the Current Design?

Click here to view a google slide presentation on our current plan.  

E3 Cycle
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