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Exercise Nutrition Science (ENS)

This course is designed to combine health, physical education, and life management skills over a period of three-quarters. The curriculum will be covered through classroom instructions as well as outside activities. The health portion will include first aid, the human body, food choices, mental and emotional health, disease prevention and treatment, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The physical education portion will include motor learning, biomechanics, sports and games. 


The life management skill portion will include self-esteem, substance abuse and addictive behaviors, stress management, suicide, death, values and goal setting, love vs. Infatuation, dating and friendship, rape/acquaintance rape, human abuse, engagement and marriage, human sexuality, pregnancy, parenting and family relations and emergency situations. 


This course meets the ninth grade physical education requirement as well as most of the elements required for life management skills. Exercise and Nutritional Science 3 meets the S2, Life Management skills graduation requirement.

ENS Uniform

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