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Mitochondrial Club


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The Passion Behind a Treatment


Mrs. Whaley, a Spanish teacher at Steele Canyon High School, demonstrates her compassion and joy every day amongst her students, however unbeknown to most, she lives through every parent's nightmare. As a mother, Mrs.Whaley does everything to her ability in order to protect her two girls Kailyn & Charis. In 2011, Kailyn & Charis were diagnosed with a type of Mitochondrial Disease called NARP. NARP results in a compromised immune system which leads to restless nights, frequent visits to hospitals, constant prayers, and a constant fear of the future, as these girls' life span was estimated at only 50% chance to reach the age of 10. A frequent fight within their eyes, Kailyn and Charis have been stripped of their innocence and forced to endure tragic realities that no child shall ever have to live through. As a mother, Mrs. Whaley was forced into the position to watch her innocent babies deal with the reality of being non-verbal, and the inability to walk. Constantly being under the impression that there was no solution, all she could do was sit in agony alongside her little girls. It is a mother's instinct to take action, even during the times when she feels like there is nothing more she can do. 10+ years ago Mrs. Whaley has been more than committed to improving the lives of her own, and the millions of children who have varied types of Mitochondrial Diseases. In doing so, Mrs. Whaley has founded Steele Canyon's “Mitochondrial Club”, a club more than dedicated to making this change happen and fighting for these children, now Kailyn and Charis have reached the beautiful age of 14 and 12.

The Whaley Girls - Kailyn & Charis


What is mitochondrial disease? 

Mitochondrial Disease is a disease which results in the mitochondria’s inability to produce the necessary energy in order to achieve normal everyday function. This loss of energy creates certain disabilities, such as difficulty walking or talking. Many other diseases are linked to Mitochondrial Dysfunction, for instance Diabetes, Alzheimers, and even Cancer. This means that a cure for mitochondrial disease would be a stepping block to achieving cures and treatments for many other fatal illnesses. It all starts with your help, it will result in an everlasting effect on those in a constant fight against Mitochondrial Diseases. 

~There are over 300 different types of mitochondrial disease

~50% of children with the disease will live until age 10

~Only 20% will live until age 20

~Every 30 minutes a child is born that will develop a mitochondrial disease 

UC San Diego- Dr. Naviaux

For years we have been a proud partner with one of the top research facilities, UCSD.  We are proud to say one of the most passionate and dedicated scientists is a part of our journey. Dr. Naviaux is a Professor of Genetics, in the department of Medicine, Pediatrics,  and Pathology. Dr. Naviaux is one of the top contributors to Mitochondrial research, resulting in progression in the field of medicine. All of the funds made by this club go directly to Dr. Naviaux's lab, in hopes of striving for change amongst those who are suffering from Mitochondrial Dysfunction. We are extremely grateful and proud to say our club has raised over $950,000, hoping we are contributing to the advancement of medicine.   Give directly to UCSD Mito Research Fund here: 

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