Parent Teacher Organization--making children our priority

What is PTO?
As parents, as our children grew up, we knew about the PTA at our elementary schools. Back then we understood that the PTA helped out with field trips and events in school. Here at Steele Canyon High School, we have a PTO organization, which is an acronym for Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) versus the Parent Teacher Organization (PTA). The biggest difference is that the PTO does not give any portion of membership dues to any regional PTA.

The PTO here at Steele is tasked with supporting and funding the needs of any and all grades, departments, or clubs.
For example, this year the PTO has given:


  • $5,718 for Junior Class PSAT testing
  • $1,782 for ASB Disneyland Leadership Class transportation
  • $4,500 to the Steele Canyon Band to start a much-needed orchestra
  • $1,068 for Mr. Robbin's 50 students to travel to the Medal of Honor Ceremony at the Ronald Regan Library
  • $450 for October Cougar Stars
  • $450 for December Cougar Stars
  • $450 for February Cougar Stars
  • $450 for May Cougar Stars
  • $1000 pledged to the end-of-the-year Principal's Honor Roll Celebration
  • 4 Senior Scholarships at $500 each, totaling $2,000
  • Contribute to the newly formed Alumni Association 
  • Support the "Every 15 Minutes" program
PTO Vision for 2016-2017
Here at Steele Canyon High School we approximately 2,200 students. If just half of our parents gave $15 each, we could raise $16,500 for our children. These funds go directly back to our kids, to their clubs, and their activities. Many more funding requests have come in for this year. As your PTO, we strive to accommodate when there is a need.

I know that many of you already give to the football teams, tennis, baseball, track cross-country, swimming, water polo, basketball, marching band, etc. When these teams need extra help, they need to be able to come to the PTO.

Our mission is to help all!

PTO Meetings
Regular meetings held on the first Tuesday of each month in the SCHS Staff Lounge at 5:30 pm. To get to the SCHS Staff Lounge, park in the side lot next to the Adult Education Building. Enter in the gate located to the right of the Adult Education Building. Go straight until you see the staff lounge door.

PTO Board Members
Mark Wightman -- PTO President 
Leslyn Butler-- PTO Vice President
Heide Doss-- PTO Secretary
Dottie Cleaves-- PTO Treasurer
Brenda Holmes--Membership Chair
Genevieve Shelby -- PTO Volunteer Coordinator
Araceli Smith--Senior Class Mom

Grade Reps
Melissa Hughes -- PTO 12th Grade Rep
Pamela Steen & Araceli Smith -- PTO 11th 
Patricia Greenblatt -- PTO 10th Grade Rep

To Volunteer 
Please contact PTO Volunteer Coordinator:
Genevieve Selby

Contact Us
Mark Wightman
PTO President